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Old Sindhi Songs

Old Sindhi songs are not as popular as old Hindi or Gujarati songs, but they have a musical character of their own. These songs may be even 50 years old, but you’ll still find people trying their best to preserve these songs. That’s why many people keep stacks of cassettes or gramophone records containing these songs in their houses. These old Sindhi songs are much more meaningful and emotional than current generation music. It is for this very reason that today, the popularity of old Sindhi songs is on the rise and publishers have started churning out albums containing the best songs.

There are a number of famous Sindhi singers who have sung these great old songs, some of them are: Bhagwanti Nanvani, Gulshan Khemani, Kamla Keswani, Darshan Khemani, etc. Some of the famous songs they have sung are Aaj Khush Aaye, Aaj Mora Khani Thi Ache, Anja Tha Geet Ma, Ayo Dein Sabhago, Be Yaaran, Bejal Ain Sorath, Bera Bane, Bhola Nikri Aa, Chadd Ghot Ghodiya, Dama Dam, Dar Te Vajan, Dikh Je Rat Lade, Diyaro Bariyanti, Einer Vadde Maanasa, Gayo Gayo Lada, Gheet Chadi Ghode Te, Ghoriya Pai Ghor, Hik Son Jo Rupaiyo, Jagi Jadu Laahe, Jilal Jatan, Kuey Cha Kamayo, Ladal Tuhinjey Lod, Lado Choo Na Tharando, Lajjari Ladi, Mohabbat Ji, Motor Te Chadi, Mulay Maa Ghurai Thi, Rano Chho Na Murke, Sakhiyoon, Sare Tan Salaam, Sik Men, Varin Manjh, Wah Wah Khusi Thi and many more.

There are many more singers and songs of repute but the list would be endless and these are the best. You can easily acquire all these great old Sindhi songs from various online sources, and easily download them in mp3 format. On these same websites you can also get the lyrics and videos of these old Sindhi songs so that you can get rid of your cassettes and records.

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