Rajasthani Dance Songs

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Rajasthani Dance Songs

Rajasthan is a place that is well renowned for its folk culture. Though songs make up a substantial part of this culture, it is incomplete without a further form of expression, which is dance. There are many types of dances in Rajasthan such as Kalbelia, which is performed by women who imitate the movements and actions of a snake; Ghoomar which, as the name implies involves rotation by the performers who are mainly women who perform on auspicious occasions; the Kucchi Ghodi which is performed during Holi; Gair Goomar where dancers carry bright brass pots on their heads; Fire Dance where men dance over burning wood and charcoal; Drum Dance wherein a dancer with a sword in his mouth performs between drummers and Terah Taal where dancers perform with thirteen metallic discs attached to different parts of their bodies.

Since the folk dances and music go hand in hand, the best Rajasthani dance songs are in fact the best folk songs. Some of these are Gora Gora Gal, Jadoo Daryo Re, Ghoomar, are Aur Rang De Balam Chhoto So, Chirmi, Dheere Chal E Panihari, Bedaloo, Manihar, Menhadi Maleer, Rana, Chalo Dekhan Ne, Lehariyo, Kesariya Banna, Gangaur, Bichhudo,Boli Pyari Lage, Dudheli, Bana, Gorband, Kachi Ghudalo, Sorath, Arni, Ranau, Kesariyo Hazari Gul Ro Phool,Chalo Piyaji Aapan, Dhumaladi, Ghoomar, Dudhaliya Banaa, Ghooghri, , Amba Badi, Sindhi Bhairavi etc. Performing these songs requires exemplary skill, especially given that they are performed on many indigenous instruments such as Ektara, Ghoralio, Jhallar, Jaltall, Sarangi, Kallbellias etc.

These Rajasthani dance songs have seen an upswing in popularity as of late, and as such they can be downloaded from many websites online in mp3 format and that too for free. If you require it the lyrics and videos are also available for download for these Rajasthani dance songs.

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