Rajasthani Marriage Songs

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Rajasthani Marriage Songs

A marriage is an occasion of huge celebration in any Indian culture, and the Rajasthanis are no exception in this regard. Every marriage is joyous, pompous and there is a great deal of emotional value, be it in the form of sadness, joy or love. There are a number of songs that are traditional in nature and that have been passed down the generations through simple word of mouth. There are also newer songs that are usually hit songs from movies. All these songs are broadly called marriage songs and they are available in various albums that are released during the marriage season.

Among artists, the names of Channan and Multan Khan are held in the highest regard. Some of the songs that they have sung include Amba Badi, Aswari, Badi Ko Banaji, Bhabhiji Tharo Banado, Dera Nirkhan, Dhumaladi, Dudhalio Bano, Gahani To Mangal Gayo, Jalalo Bilalo, Kachi Ghudlo, Kesar Bana, Kesario Tilkano, Khinvaro, Kotal Ghudalo, Pagadia Ra Paich, Rang Bhino Banado, Roop Nagar Su Raj, Shri Banado, Sunderio and Toranio. There are also other famous songs like Mangal Geet, Banro, Mehndi, Payal Gheri Baje, Savdhan Rahijho, Leheriyo, Ghudiiyo, Rumaal, Banasa Bdi O Veli, Char Char Churla, Saata Bhai/Vidaai etc. All of these songs are available in the album Wedding Songs of Rajasthan.

If you need these Rajasthani marriage songs for a wedding in your household, you can easily acquire them from any of the hundreds of websites that offer them for free download online. You can get these Rajasthani marriage songs in mp3,wma or any other format you require, and you can download the latest albums entirely through the use of torrents. The lyrics, videos as well as guidelines on which songs should be played when are all available from the same websites that you get the Rajasthani marriage songs.

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