Sindhi Wedding Songs

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Sindhi Wedding Songs

As in every other community in India, the Sindhi community also celebrates wedding with pomp and fervor. The weddings are a time of very different and extreme emotions, there is great joy and gaiety, as well as great sadness and loss. There are many different traditions, customs and rituals that have to be honored during a wedding, and with these traditions goes song or dance or both. Thus, especially during the last few months of the year, which are considered as wedding season, the popularity of these songs soars and they are produced and sold in large numbers.

Some famous artists in this genre are BHagwant Navani, Kamla Keswani, Gulshan Khemani and Goverdhan Udhasi. Some of the best Sindhi wedding songs are Bhag Khulyo, Janmanjo Jod Aahen, Laadalji Shaadiji Vagi, Oh Muhinji Maa, Wahji Hia Rasma, Dado Khush Aa Laado, Laada Tuhinji Laadi, Milyo Jeevan Saathi Aa, Tu Laadali Aa, Ayo Dinh Sabhago, Lada Ladi Ghar, Motar Ti Chadi Ayo, Ainer Vade Maan, Ghoriyan Pei Ghor, Lajjari Ladi, Adal Raat Parnyon, Ghota Chadhi Ghodi, Ghota To Ache, Karan Haliyo Shaadi, Lado Lad Vendo, Lado Ladi Aanindo, Muhinjo Datro kiyn Vayo, Aayo Re Mijmaan, Dikh Je Raat Laade Mundiyoon, Halla Mariya Ghotapee Ghumman Bazaar, Muhinji Ladia Ji Dil, Sas Ta Muhinji, Wah Wah Re Rangi Tuhinja Rang, Anya Ta Ghotamaa Nandhri, Ghota Jo Pee Nache, Kunwar Ri Tokhe Cha Khappe, Peke Hali Vendi Sain and Suhinri Milyas Kunwar Rano Chho Na Murke.

If you need the best Sindhi wedding songs for your wedding or a wedding in your family, then you can easily find all these great Sindhi wedding songs online, and you can download them for free in mp3 or wma format. The lyrics, videos and guidelines on when which song should be played are all available on the websites where you can download these Sindhi wedding songs.

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